70% of Patients could Avoid Hysterectomy!

We’re here to help women avoid hysterectomy surgeries that aren’t needed. And that’s a big deal. Because, according to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,  400,000 women each year get hysterectomies. Sadly, up to 70% of those surgeries were likely avoidable. (Which means other treatments could have been offered.)

What’s worse? Many women with fibroids learn this the hard way. In fact, they’re often told hysterectomies are the only way to relieve fibroid symptoms. But help could come with less invasive treatment options. Now, we want to help make sure women know about those alternatives! So they can avoid hysterectomy, whenever possible.

Hysterectomies Aren’t the Only Option for Fibroid Treatments Hysterectomy alternatives

While some women may need a hysterectomy to treat their fibroids, others can be helped with medication,  myomectomies, or minimally invasive procedures like Uterine Fibroid Embolization.  Also known as UFE, this last is a procedure performed by specialists like Houston’s Dr. Fox and Dr. Hardee. Doctors inject embolizing materials into the blood vessels that feed a woman’s tumors. Soon, they ‘starve’ and shrink, all without a surgical procedure, hospital stay or down time.

Spreading the Word about Fibroid Treatment Options

So, if there are other effective fibroid treatments, why are so many women still giving up on their uterus and fertility? Quite simply, they don’t know they have a choice! According to Sir Marcus Setchell, a former British gynaecologist, “There is clearly a failure of communication about the use of these less-invasive treatments.” And, says Dr. Anne Deans, another British gynaecologist who consulted on this project, “Women should be given a choice, but many are not being told about the alternatives to hysterectomies. This is major surgery involving six weeks off work.”

Now, fibroid specialists like our Houston doctors are working to publicize alternatives with the hashtag #FibroidFix. And now, we aren’t alone! Recently, the Fibroid Fighters Foundation launched a new campaign, “Talk about U.” Now, can you guess what the ‘U’ stands for? It’s all about the uterus. And they’re encouraging women to do just that, in order to help get out the word about fibroids.

Women Helping Women

Fibroid Fighters Foundation Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson says the campaign is critical. Because women don’t talk about fibroids. So they’re “one of the least discussed chronic health challenges that women face.” To change that, her non-profit is helping women record virtual interviews for sharing on social media.

Women can go to their site and answer a series of questions by audio, video or in writing. The topics cover your journey to diagnosis; how fibroids impact your life; and if or how you’ve navigated fibroid treatment options. The goal? To arm women with information, so you can avoid hysterectomy if possible.

Because, as Dearra Williams recently said after sharing her interview, “I didn’t know that other women had experienced fibroids until I started speaking up about my own condition. Experiencing fibroids is tough, and women need to know that they are not alone. We need to support each other because there are thousands of women going through this.”

We love Dearra’s message, and we want to help change the current state of fibroid treatment. Because, now, there too many women who think fibroid diagnoses must lead to hysterectomies. And we know that’s not true. So, will you help us spread the word about alternative treatments? We urge you to visit the Fibroid Fighting Foundation and “Talk About U.” Or just share this article  with the hashtag #FibroidFix. Together, we can help women avoid invasive, life-altering surgeries! And remember: if you’re one of the women still searching for a fibroid solution, come to our office for a consultation. We can help you explore ALL your treatment options!

Sources: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, U.S. News & World Report

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