40% of Fibroid Related Hysterectomies Are Avoidable!

According to a UK medical review,  21,000 women with fibroids got hysterectomies last year, but 8500  could have found relief with less invasive treatment options. And they never even knew it! 

Hysterectomies Aren’t the Only Option for Fibroid Treatments Hysterectomy alternatives

While some women may indeed need to undergo hysterectomies to treat their fibroids, many others can be helped with medications, less invasive surgeries like myomectomies, or minimally invasive procedures like Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE, a procedure performed by interventional radiologists like Houston’s Dr. Fox and Dr. Hardee.) With the latter option, doctors inject embolizing materials into the blood vessels that are feeding a woman’s tumors. Without their blood supply, they ‘starve’ and shrink, all without subjecting women to a traumatic surgical procedure and the accompanying hospital stay and down time. 

Spreading the Word about Fibroid Treatment Options

So, if there are other effective fibroid treatments, why are so many women still giving up on their uterus and fertility? Quite simply, they don’t know they have a choice! According to Sir Marcus Setchell, a former gynaecologist who chairs the group conducting this research, “There is clearly a failure of communication about the use of these less-invasive treatments.” And, says Dr. Anne Deans, a gynaecologist who consulted on this project, “Women should be given a choice, but many are not being told about the alternatives to hysterectomies. This is major surgery involving six weeks off work.”

This lack of information is not just a problem in the UK–here in the U.S., there are plenty of women who think a fibroid diagnosis must end with a hysterectomy. Will you help us spread the word about alternative treatments here at home? Simply share this article to your social media platform with the hashtag #FibroidFix. Together, we can help women (at home and abroad) avoid needless, invasive and life-altering surgeries!

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