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Enlarged Uterus With Fibroids

Uterine fibroids often come with symptoms that disrupt your everyday life due to debilitating pain.

At Houston Fibroids, we understand that fibroids can affect your physical and emotional state, especially if they change how you look and feel.

We also recognize that there are advanced treatment options to end symptoms entirely without the need for extensive surgeries or extended hospital stays.

If you’re experiencing abdominal changes or have been diagnosed with an enlarged uterus due to fibroids, we can help.

Make today the day you choose to start your journey to a fibroid-free future.

Let’s discuss the tie between an enlarged uterus and uterine fibroids.

What is an Enlarged Uterus?

A woman’s uterus is typically the size of a clenched fist, averaging out to measure 3 to 4 inches by 2.5 inches and shaped like an upside-down pear. Anything larger than this may be considered “enlarged,” especially if negative symptoms accompany it.

With pregnancy, a uterus can grow to be up to the size of a watermelon or basketball to accommodate a growing baby.

Although pregnancy is the most common reason behind an enlarged uterus, other health conditions may cause your uterus to expand.

Other causes of an enlarged uterus include

Potential Symptoms of an Enlarged Uterus

Although most women with an enlarged uterus don’t realize it until they have a pelvic exam, some may notice a change in the size of their abdomen that could mimic signs of bloating.

Other symptoms of an enlarged uterus include:

How Do Fibroids Cause an Enlarged Uterus?

As fibroids begin to grow in size, the uterus grows along with them to accommodate them such as it would during pregnancy.

Most commonly, fibroids that grow inside the muscle of the uterine wall cause your uterus to stretch out in both size and shape.

Although fibroids don’t necessarily pose a significant health risk on their own, when left untreated, they often continue to grow. They can reach several pounds, expanding the uterus as they enlarge. This is why it is crucial to get them diagnosed quickly and taken care of sooner.

Fibroid Specialists Close to Home

At Houston Fibroids, we recognize the negative impact and life-alternating symptoms that an enlarged uterus can cause, especially when it’s due to fibroids.

Removing fibroids can be done in several ways, including uterine fibroid embolization.

During your consultation with our experienced and compassionate team, we’ll discuss the best way to remove fibroids and significantly reduce symptoms.

You don’t have to live with constant pain or an enlarged uterus from fibroid symptoms. Instead, take control of your health by opting for specialized fibroid care today.

To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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