Understanding the Tie Between Fibroids and Weight Gain

Sudden and unexplained weight gain can cause worry and anxiety, especially if you haven’t made significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

For many women who experience rapid weight gain, uterine fibroids are the culprit. Fibroids affect 20% to 80% of women and cause various symptoms, including weight gain, especially for those who have larger fibroids that increase in size quickly.

At Houston Fibroids, we understand that unexpected weight gain can cause physical and emotional distress.

We also recognize and offer advanced treatment options to end fibroid symptoms, such as weight gain, getting you to a fibroid-free life without invasive surgery or prolonged recovery times.

If you’ve experienced rapid weight gain due to uterine fibroids, we can help.

Let’s discuss the tie between weight gain and fibroids.

Is weight gain a symptom of fibroids?

Yes, weight gain is a common symptom experienced by many women living with fibroids.

Although fibroid symptoms, including weight gain, can vary from one woman to another, most women living with larger fibroids or a cluster of them will experience some level of change on the scale.

How do uterine fibroids cause weight gain?

Uterine fibroids can vary in size from as small as a seedling to as large as a watermelon, filling the space of your entire abdomen. Your uterus grows to accommodate them as they grow, similar to how it would in pregnancy.

With an increase in size and mass, increased fibroid weight translates into a weight gain in the affected woman.

In fact, large fibroids can weigh several pounds and push against other organs in the abdominal cavity.

While women will notice a change in their weight, they most often notice the physical changes of weight gain in their pelvis or lower abdomen, giving off the appearance of pregnancy or extreme bloating.

How do fibroids gain weight?

Fibroids are noncancerous muscle tumors that go through cycles of growth and degeneration. Based on the amount of blood flow in each fibroid, they can grow in size, shape, and overall weight. Some women may experience more rapid fibroid growth than others.

If you’ve been diagnosed with fibroids leading to weight gain, you should visit a fibroid specialist to determine the best treatment options.

Effective Fibroid Treatment to Mitigate Symptoms in Houston

At Houston Fibroids, we recognize the negative impact of rapid and unexplained weight gain on your physical and emotional health.

You don’t have to live with a protruding abdomen due to fibroid size and weight gain. Get rid of your fibroids for good with minimally-invasive treatment at Houston Fibroids.

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