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Pregnancy After UFE
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Fibroids and Pregnancy: Experiencing Fibroid-Related Infertility

Fibroids can sometimes contribute to fertility challenges.

Fibroids, or leiomyomas, are noncancerous growths in the uterus, and their effect on pregnancy depends on their location and size.

Small fibroids that don't change the shape of the uterus or protrude into the uterine cavity usually don't cause any problems with pregnancy. However, larger fibroids, or those that are located near the cervix or fallopian tubes, may interfere with conception or make it difficult to carry a pregnancy to term.

Additionally, fibroids may increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, such as preterm labor, abnormal fetal position, or placental abruption. If you're concerned about fibroids and their impact on your fertility, it's best to consult with your doctor to discuss your situation.

Potential Effects on Fertility

While fibroids are prevalent among women of reproductive age, their presence does not always lead to fertility issues. However, fibroids can potentially interfere with conception, depending on their size and location. Some potential effects on fertility include:

Houston Fibroids: Offering Treatments that Protect Reproductive Anatomy

Houston Fibroids is a leading provider of endovascular treatments for fibroid symptom relief. Our innovative uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) procedures are revolutionizing the way fibroids are treated, offering new hope for women who suffer from the symptoms of this condition. UFE can improve a woman's chances of conceiving naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies.

After partial UFE, most women experience significant improvements in their fertility and overall reproductive health. Heavy menstrual bleeding, pain, and other fibroid-related symptoms often subside significantly or resolve altogether.

The impact of UFE on future pregnancies has also been studied. While it is not a cure for infertility, UFE can improve the chances of conception and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. In some cases, UFE may even result in a complete reversal of infertility, allowing women to conceive naturally.

It is important to note that while UFE can improve fertility, it does not guarantee pregnancy. However, it can optimize reproductive health, allowing for a more natural and successful path to conception.

If you think non-surgical fibroid treatment could be right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our caring specialists to schedule a consultation today.

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