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Menstrual Cramps
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Severe Menstrual Cramps With Fibroids

Uterine fibroids often come with symptoms that disrupt your everyday life, including severe menstrual cramping.

From heavy bleeding to exhausting pain in your abdomen and back, you may find that your bathroom trips are becoming more frequent and your time away from school and work are adding up.

At Houston Fibroids, we understand how much fibroids can affect your health and daily life. We also recognize and provide advanced treatment options to end symptoms and get you to a fibroid-free life without invasive surgery or prolonged recovery times.

If you’re experiencing severe menstrual cramps due to fibroids, we can help. Don’t waste another day suffering through debilitating cramps; opt for minimally invasive care today.

Let’s discuss the tie between frequent urination and fibroids.

What is Menstrual Cramping?

Cramping is one of the most common symptoms of a menstrual cycle. It can range from mild to severe and varies from person to person.

Menstrual cramps are often described as throbbing or aching in the lower abdomen or back. They often occur in women just before and throughout their menstrual period.

How Do Fibroids Cause Severe Menstrual Cramps?

Aside from heavy bleeding and prolonged periods, fibroids can cause other severe symptoms such as painful cramping in the abdomen and back.

During your period, your uterus contracts to help get rid of the uterine lining. Hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins are involved in the pain and inflammation triggered during uterine muscle contractions.

Higher levels of prostaglandins are associated with fibroids or other reproductive conditions and cause more severe and prolonged cramping, which can be physically debilitating to some.

Other reasons you may be experiencing more severe cramping with fibroids is due to

If you’re experiencing menstrual cramping that lasts for long periods, increases in intensity, or disrupts your daily life, fibroids may be to blame.

We encourage you to visit a fibroid specialist for further evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment for Menstrual Cramping and Fibroids is Here

At Houston Fibroids, we recognize the negative impact severe menstrual cramps and other fibroid symptoms can have on your everyday life.

You don’t have to live with excruciating pain and cramping every month. Take control of your health by opting for specialized fibroid care.

To learn more or schedule an evaluation, contact us today.

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