Uterine Fibroid Treatment in Webster, Texas

Minimally-invasive treatment options to reduce symptoms and eliminate fibroids

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Effective Fibroid Treatment in Webster

Most women will be diagnosed with fibroids in their lifetime. While they may not be bothersome for many, they can cause unrelenting pain, heavy bleeding, and even fertility issues for others.

At Houston Fibroids, we believe in taking a personalized patient-first approach to fibroid care for those with symptomatic fibroids.

Whether you’ve been living with fibroids for a while or are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, we can help you feel better sooner.

Led by Dr. Eric Hardee and Dr. William C. Fox, an experienced duo with over 30 years of combined experience in fibroid care, we understand what it takes to treat your fibroids without serious surgeries.

Our team specializes in minimally-invasive fibroid treatment in Webster, including uterine fibroid embolization. This treatment option targets fibroids at the source, leading to an almost instant reduction in symptoms and fibroid size reduction or elimination in the long run.

A fibroid-free future is possible. It’s time to put your reproductive health first.

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