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5 Surprising Reasons You Always Have to Pee

Posted on January 17, 2019

Does it ever feel like you spend all your time running to or searching for the restrooms? If you're peeing all the time, and you're not sure why, here are five potential causes that may be to blame: 

1. Pregnancy

It’s a cliché that almost always proves true: pregnant women always have to pee. Why? As your uterus expands in order to accommodate your growing baby, it puts more pressure on your bladder. And it stands to reason, therefore, that the more pregnant you are, the more frequent those trips to the bathroom will become.

2. Juvenile Diabetes

While not every kid who pees a lot will be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, frequent urination (and bed wetting) can be a symptom of undiagnosed diabetes. When diabetes is the cause of your bathroom trips, you’ll likely release a lot of urine on each occasion.

3. Urinary Tract Infections

What’s a sure sign that you’re suffering from a UTI? A frequent urge to pee, even if you’ve just gone to the bathroom. Though you may not pass much urine, what does come through will feel uncomfortable, often causing you to experience a burning sensation.

4. Over hydration

We have all been told the importance of drinking lots of water, and one obvious side effect of this kind of effort will be frequent urination. A less obvious (and less frequent) occurrence? Drink too much water and you may become extremely ill, as a large intake of water in a short amount of time can overwhelm your kidneys, causing you to develop a potentially life-threatening condition known as hyponatremia.

5. Fibroids

Fibroids are muscle-based, non-cancerous tumors that develop in, on or on top of your uterus. They are extremely common, especially in women of African-American descent, and they can cause a host of symptoms, including heavy menstrual cycles and—you guessed it—frequent urination. Why do fibroids make you pee so much? Like a growing baby, fibroids can expand the size and reach of your uterus (sometimes to the size of four month pregnancy!), placing the same kind of pressure on your uterus as does a growing fetus.

If you have frequent urination talk to your doctor about if fibroids could potentially be the cause and
which size of fibroids is dangerous.

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