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Can uterine fibroids cause digestive problems?

Posted on June 26, 2023

Can uterine fibroids cause digestive problems? Well, fibroids can cause many disruptive symptoms, including pelvic pain, heavy periods and impacts on your ability to conceive. But that's not all. Because, as it turns out, these growths can cause stomach pain and other digestive disruptions. And, in this post, we'll explore why that's the case, and what you can do to find relief. First, though...

What are fibroids?

These are noncancerous, muscular growths that form in your uterine cavity or within or are attached to its outer wall by a stalk. Up to 80% of women can be affected, although women of African-American and Asian descent are disproportionately affected.

While we don't know exactly why they form, we have identified certain risk factors for fibroids, including family history, exposure to certain chemicals and more. Depending on where they form, and how many develop, you may not even know that you have these growths. But, for many women, fibroids cause extremely disruptive symptoms, including back pain, stomach pain, and other digestive issues.

Why can uterine fibroids cause digestive problems?

Because fibroids can form within or on your uterus, their growth can impact nearby organs. So, if you have large fibroids, they may cause your uterus to become enlarged. In turn, your rectum and stomach could come under pressure. As could your bladder or kidneys. Soon, your fibroids may leave you with symptoms such as constipation, frequent urination and more.

Can uterine fibroids cause digestive problems? Location matters

So, which fibroids are most likely to mess with your GI system? Ones that are large are likely to be symptomatic. Specifically, ones that extend into your abdomen can cause digestive problems, as well as a feeling of pressure or bloating in your stomach. Additionally, fibroids can impact the appearance of your stomach, causing distension. For some women, their growths give the appearance of a second-trimester pregnancy.

Relief from Fibroid Related Digestive Issues

The best way to relieve your GI symptoms is to treat their cause. And that means exploring your fibroid treatment options. Not yet sure if your stomach problems are caused by fibroids? Discuss all your symptoms with a licensed healthcare provider. If fibroids seem to be the cause, you can get a diagnosis with further testing, which may include ultrasonography, or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Once you've received a uterine fibroids diagnosis, you can find relief with treatment. And that doesn't mean you'll need surgery! Instead, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our Texas-based fibroid specialists, with offices in Houston and Dallas. When you come in, we can discuss non-surgical fibroid treatments such as Uterine Fibroid Embolization.

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