Check out 2 New Ways to Stop Period Pain

Do you want to stop period pain? You’re not alone! Many women with fibroids suffer from extremely painful periods. But thanks to a newly-developed hi-tech patch, plus more emerging efforts, theirs and other women’s menstrual pain may finally be a thing of the past.

Hi Tech Cramps Relief to Stop Period Pain pain from uterine fibroids

The Allay is an ultra-thin patch you wear on your stomach. It pulses 1,000 times a second, delivering a small electric current through a wire loop. That current then produces an undetectable magnetic field into the tissue of your abdomen. The field gets your cells to pump out any excess fluid. And that helps your body fight the bloating, swelling and pain that often accompany your period.

You can wear the patch for five full, 24-hour days before you have to remove it and recharge it’s battery. For most women, that will cover the most painful part of your period, although fibroids can also make your period longer and heavier.

Still, in trials, the patch has been shown to reduce women’s pain levels by as much as 70%. That’s a big deal if period pain is dragging you down while you await fibroid treatment.

Similar Devices On the Market

The Livia is also a wearable patch that targets period pain with electrical pulses. Basically, those pulses seem to distract your central nervous system so it’s distracted from pain signals. Plus, it can stimulate your endorphins, which can help fight pain. So it busts your worst cramps in two different ways.

User feedback notes that you have to charge the Livia for 12 hours before use. It can also be a little tricky to place the usable pads in the right spot. (And the $225 price stage may be steep.) But, three separate clinical trials proved it’s effectiveness at fighting period pain. So it may be a good option while we wait to see what happens with Allay (see below.) Or while you explore permanent fibroid relief.

Product Awaits Further Trials

Although some women have already tested the effectiveness of Allay, more trials are currently underway. Currently, 60 women who suffer from period pain (dysmenorrhea) are participating in a two-month trial at the University of Birmingham.

The Allay reportedly reduces period pain levels by 31 per cent as soon as the first day you wear it! And 77 % of women wearing the Allay had at least some reduction in period pain. Only 14% of women who used other pain-relief methods experienced relief.

Currently Available Products

One Canadian company, Somedays, already has a full line of products designed to stop period pain. Currently, they offer four categories of relief products. There are heat and bath products to relieve cramps. And they have topical and edible products that help with muscle recovery which, according to their company’s research, helped relieve period pain.

Even better? The Vancouver, Canada based team keeps testing and trying out new products. So they expect to launch new products this fall. According to founder Lux Perry, “80% of people with periods…report having moderate to severe pain during their cycle. That’s like sitting on the sidelines for 10 entire years for some of us. If you believe that people with periods and predominantly women (because this is very much a gender equity issue) deserve to have the opportunity to actively participate in their lives then you believe in our mission.”

Well, Luz, we do believe in your mission. And we know that when your period pain is caused by fibroids, treating your tumors will offer you a more permanent solution to painful menstrual cycles. If you are ready to get started, contact our office and find out if you are a good candidate for our minimally invasive treatment options.



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