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WCW: This Woman is Fighting Painful Sex

Posted on November 10, 2021

Did you know that 75% of women have felt pain during sex? Want to know what's worse? Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, the situation deteriorated. In a survey of 1300 women, more than half reported menstrual changes and sex life disruptions since the start of the pandemic. And that's all too familiar for women living with fibroids.

In fact, for many women living with fibroids, painful sex is a constant reality. And while treating fibroids can help relieve that discomfort, there is another interim option available, thanks to our Woman Crush Wednesday winner: Emily Sauer, founder of Lady Parts Justice League.

A Personal Mission to Stop Women’s Sexual Pain

Emily Sauer finds a fun new way to display her Ohnut device, a wearable that helps make intercourse less painful for women

Sauer suffered from dyspareunia (painful sex). After 10 years, she’d had enough. She began collaborating on the creation of a wearable device to keep intercourse from hurting.  In 2017, she presented the finished product on Kickstarter: the Ohnut.

The Ohnut is a body safe device a woman can wear to control how deeply her vagina is penetrated during intercourse.  For women with fibroids near their cervix, this could be especially helpful.

The wearable device gets its name from its appearance—it looks like a stretchy donut. While controlling how deeply a woman is penetrated, keeping the device in place can still help you enjoy the full sexual experience, since the soft device itself mimics the sensation of penetration with a softer force.

As Sauer says, “Ohnut not only allows control over depth, it also offers a fresh opportunity for couples to ideate and work together to find out what works for their shared experience.”

Working together is especially important for couples in which one partner has fibroids. Communication and a willingness to try different approaches to intimacy can keep a sexual connection alive while you decide when and how to treat your tumors.

In fact, that is Sauer’s mission with the Ohnut. She hopes it will make sex fun for women and couples who feel alone in their painful sexual experiences. For offering support to all women struggling with painful intercourse, we salute Ms. Sauer and her innovative assistive device.

Sources: healthline.com


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