#WCW: Kandi Buress on Fertility and Fibroids

Today, Bravo TV star Kandi Buress is reportedly pregnant with her third child, but just three years ago she came forward to talk about how fibroids had taken a major toll on her fertility. In 2015, the then 38-year-old had been trying for two years, unsuccessfully, to have a second child. When she and husband Todd Tucker finally decided to turn to IVF for help conceiving, the couple discovered what was at the heart of their fertility problem: Kandi had a uterine fibroid. 

Getting Candid
“We realized I had a fibroid—a big one—inside the cavity of the uterus where your baby would implant,” the reality star has said. Like Kandi, many women with uterine fibroids experience difficulties becoming pregnant but, luckily for Kandi, her story had a happy ending, one she chose to share with fans in order to give other women hope. 

“Luckily for us, it was a blessing, and we actually had success with the first IVF treatment,” said Burruss. “It takes a couple of months for you to go through the whole process of injections, retrieving the eggs and all of that stuff, then allowing them to put them back in and praying that they take. One of our eggs took.”

Recovery and Conception
Of course, some women cannot conceive that easily with fibroids, and they must treat the tumors before they can become pregnant. Many fibroid suffers think surgery is the only option if they want to preserve fertility, but that’s not actually true! In our Houston Fibroid office, we offer a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Women who undergo UFE experience permanent shrinking of their existing tumors–and pregnancy is still a possibility afterwards! 

There have been reports of many successful pregnancies in patients after UFE. Many studies show that fertility rates and miscarriage rates in UFE patients are no different than patients of the same age with fibroids who have had no treatment. The fact still remains, however, that patients hoping to get pregnant may prefer to undergo a myomectomy (surgical fibroid removal) if they are healthy enough to withstand surgery because some studies have shown that pregnancy complications may be slightly more common after UFE compared with myomectomy. 

The important thing to remember in all this is that a fibroid diagnosis does not mean the end of your dream to carry a child. Like Kandi Buress and many other women, your path to fertility can be successful. It’s simply a question of knowing your options and making the informed decision that’s best for your body and your family. 

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