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Here’s How Menopause Affects Fibroids

Posted on May 06, 2024

If you have fibroids (benign uterine tumors) you may have heard that menopause will cure your condition. And that you won’t need to worry about intrusive symptoms after you stop getting your period. However, not every woman will find fibroid relief after entering menopause. So, what can you expect after menopause with fibroids? Here’s what you need to know.

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What is menopause?

We say a woman has entered menopause (the permanent cessation of menstrual cycles) when 12 months have passed without you getting a period. Most women enter menopause in their early fifties, though ages vary. Also, if you undergo a hysterectomy or certain other medical procedures, you could induce menopause as a result of treatment.

Does menopause cause fibroids to shrink?

Unfortunately, not all fibroids shrink after menopause. Now, many tumors will experience a size reduction because of your falling hormone levels at this stage of life. However, some fibroids won’t shrink significantly enough to eliminate symptoms such as back or pelvic pain. Plus, despite the decrease in your body’s hormone levels, some fibroids can continue to grow after menopause, depending on the tumor’s size and location prior to this stage of your life. As such, it’s important that you pay attention to your body and discuss any fibroid symptoms with your doctor, even after you stop getting your period.

Post-menopause fibroid symptoms: what to expect

After you enter menopause, your fibroid symptoms may change. Many women notice that their symptoms become more manageable. However, some women may develop new or worsening symptoms, including pelvic pain and pressure. Keeping track of your symptoms and discussing them with your doctor or our fibroid specialists in Houston can help you find relief.

Lifestyle measures to manage symptoms

Now, as with women at any stage of life, making certain lifestyle changes like getting regular exercise and following a healthy diet can help you manage your fibroid symptoms while improving your overall health. However, you’ll want to be selective about the workouts you choose, in order to avoid burnout, fatigue or worsening fibroid symptoms. (Check out the best workouts for fibroids here.)

Is it normal to bleed after menopause if I have fibroids?

You should always mention post-menopausal bleeding to your healthcare provider. This symptom could be a sign of persistent fibroids or of other underlying conditions. As such, it’s a symptom that can’t be dismissed or ignored.

If I wait long enough, will menopause cure fibroids?

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on menopause as a “cure” for fibroids, even if entering this stage of life leads to a reduction in tumor size and subsequent symptom relief.  In fact, while many fibroids shrink as your body reduces its production of estrogen and progesterone, they don’t always disappear completely. As such, some women will still experience fibroid symptoms and may need to seek treatment for their tumors, even after the end of their monthly menstrual cycles.

What if menopause doesn’t shrink my fibroids?

If you experience persistent, painful symptoms after entering menopause, seeking fibroid treatment can provide relief and improve your quality of life. Now, at this stage, you won’t need to worry about selecting a treatment option that preserves your fertility. However, that doesn’t mean you need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure like a hysterectomy in order to shrink your fibroids.

Want relief from symptomatic fibroids without the need for surgery or overnight hospital stays? Click here to request an appointment with our Houston-area fibroid specialists. Our team of interventional radiologists provide Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure to shrink your fibroids while preserving your uterus. When you come into the office, we can review your candidacy for UFE and help you choose the best pathway to relief. 

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