Is UFE the Fibroid Fix for You? (Checklist included)

When you have fibroids, it’s hard to pick a treatment plan. There are so many different options. Some involve surgery, some don’t. Of course, you want to relieve your symptoms and minimize your down time. And one great option is Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). That’s because it’s an intervention that doesn’t require overnight hospital stays or surgery. But, like any medical procedure, it isn’t for everyone. How can you know if UFE is right for you? Let’s explore this quick checklist. 

Who Should Have UFE?

For some people, myomectomy (surgery to remove a fibroid) will be the right choice. Others may need a hysterectomy (removal of uterus.) But, you may be a candidate for UFE if: 

  • You have fibroid symptoms
  • Keeping your uterus is important 
  • You want to avoid surgery
  • Surgery would be dangerous for you
  • You are not pregnant

There are other factors to consider when it comes to UFE, which is why we’ve included this easy checklist. Fill out the form honestly and bring it in with you to your next doctor’s appointment. As you review your answers, know this: if you’ve responded yes to one or more of the categories, you may be a good candidate for UFE! Schedule a consultation with our Houston area fibroid specialists, Dr. Fox and Dr. Hardee, to see if UFE can help resolve your fibroid symptoms! 

Sources: Society of Intervention Radiology

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