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#WCW: Fibroids are Heading to New York's Broadway!

Posted on October 02, 2019

When you have fibroids, it can feel like they are taking over your whole life. If you have symptoms like pelvic pain or heavy periods, there are times when that is all you can think about! Well, if there's anyone who can relate, it's Andrea Coleman, an African American comedian, actress and fibroid sufferer. Coleman created the Fibroid Chronicles, an off-broadway play, to help raise fibroid awareness. She is spreading the message in the African American community (where up to 80% of women will develop fibroids). She is spreading it beyond. And for that reason, she is our official Woman Crush Wednesday, #WCW.

Inside the Fibroid Chronicles: One Woman's Journey

The Fibroid Chronicles is a solo comedy show about a black woman's struggle to live with uterine fibroids. It will enjoy a limited run, in October, at a Manhattan theater called The Tank. Coleman, the show's creator, is also the host of the popular live law comedy show, "Wack or Woke? Andrea Coleman Judges the Law."

In this play, Coleman centers her story in the emergency and operating room. She takes a playful look at some of the most difficult fibroid symptoms. From trying to wear an adult diaper to bed without her date noticing, to experiencing 27 hours of urinary incontinence, audience members will enjoy an hilarious take on her life with fibroids. But they'll also be part of a bigger, more important conversation: Coleman draws attention to the fact that African American women don't enjoy the same quality of healthcare in this country as do other populations. In fact, Coleman calls out the 2014 finding by the UN that America's health care treatment of black women classifies as a human rights violation.

Through humor, Coleman helps women understand what it's like to live with fibroids. She helps them learn to identify some common symptoms, so women feel empowered to discuss fibroids with their doctors. And, in doing so, she earns an important spot in our Woman Crush Wednesday hall of fame!

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