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Are There Tablets to Shrink Fibroids?

Posted on June 05, 2023

Are there tablets to shrink fibroids? If you've been diagnosed with these non-cancerous uterine growths, we know you want them gone. At the very least, you want relief from fibroid symptoms such as heavy periods, painful sex and constipation. (Just to name a few.)

But is it possible to shrink fibroids? And, if so, can you do that with medication? Read on to learn more!

What are Fibroids?

woman takes tablets to shrink fibroids

These are non-cancerous tumors that develop in or on the uterus. They may start off as small growths but often become larger over time. As a result, a fibroid that starts off measuring at 1mm could end up with a diameter over 8cm or more.

The tumors are composed of muscle cells and connective tissue. Sometimes, they don't cause any symptoms. But other times, they cause symptoms so severe, that they interfere with your work life, personal life and even your intimate relationships.

Medications: Are There Tablets to Shrink Fibroids?

Currently, women have several fibroid treatment options, and some come in the form of medications. If you take hormonal birth control, you may find relief from some fibroid symptoms. But you're unlikely to shrink your fibroids. in fact, some hormonal supplements could speed up fibroid growth.

There's another fibroid medication designed to manage heavy bleeding during your period. It's called Esyma or Fibristal. But new findings suggest it may cause a rare but serious liver injury. So, not only would these tablets not shrink your fibroids,it might cause you additional harm.

Trial on Tablets to Shrink Fibroids

Recently, we've learned more about a drug called linzagolix (brand name Yselty) thanks to a study in the journal Lancet. This is an oral medication that interferes with your body's estrogen production. But, according to new findings, the drug could do more than just manage fibroid symptoms. In fact, it appears that these tablets shrink fibroids, meaning they could become another minimally invasive fibroid treatment option.

Yale professor and study auth Dr. Hugh S. Taylor explains why he's so excited about these findings. He says, "No treatments to date for fibroid growth are something I would ever want my patients to take for a prolonged period of time, as they did not treat the underlying cause of the problem." But, when it comes to this medication, it's “an extremely well-tolerated class of drugs that can control fibroid growth. We’ve never had anything like that before.”

How it Works

Why might this drug shrink fibroids when others couldn't? Well, it seems to work differently. Basically, it directly blocks estrogen receptors instead of overstimulating them. Even better? It's easy to adjust drug doses. So doctors can block just enough estrogen to help patients overcome their worst symptoms. Or to see fibroid shrinkage. But they may not need to prescribe a dose so high that patients enter menopause.

Other Treatment Options for Uterine Fibroids

While this new drug seems promising, every medication comes with additional side effects. As a result, some women may prefer to avoid taking drugs. Recently, women have been talking about a class of drugs that shrink fibroids; they're called GnRH agonists, and include goserelin, nafarelin, Buserelin and leuprorelin (Prostap). Now, while these medications shrink fibroids, they don't come in tablet form. Instead, you take these medications as injections or nasal sprays.

As a group, they can relieve fibroid pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. But they do so by keeping your body from making hormones that cause you to ovulate and menstruate. As such, you'll be sent into medical menopause for the duration of your time on these medications. At that means women who wish to expand their families may prefer different treatment methods. Especially ones that won't interfere with your body's hormonal balance.

Want a different option that can shrink your fibroids without drugs or surgery? Schedule a consultation with our Houston area fibroid specialists. We can talk to you about options like Uterine Fibroid Embolization, and see if this minimally-invasive treatment option could help you find relief!

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