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Is UFE Covered by Insurance?

Posted on December 12, 2023

Many women diagnosed with uterine tumors are worried about covering the cost of fibroid treatments. In our Houston fibroids practice, we offer a non-invasive, alternative  treatment option known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Its benefits include: minimal downtime, no hospital stays and the ability to avoid surgery and hysterectomy!

Understanding Costs

Fortunately for patients seeking fibroid pain relief, UFE is established as an accepted treatment option. As such, all major insurers (and most plans in general) cover the cost of treatment (check out the helpful video below for more information from one of our fibroid experts, Dr. Hardee.)

In fact, because we perform all UFE procedures in our Houston fibroids office, on an outpatient basis, many patients face much lower out-of-pocket expenses compared to other treatments. While myomectomies and hysterectomies require costly hospital stays, anesthesia and other  expenses, many women who proceed with UFE receive a bill totalling as little as an office visit co-pay. Additionally, if you choose treatment after meeting your insurance plan deductibles, you may further lower the expected cost of treating fibroids.

Of course, as an office, we want patients to focus on getting better, not on worrying about paying for their treatment. For that reason, our experienced team is on hand and available to help handle any insurance issues that arise. Even before your treatments begin, someone from our office will contact your insurance company directly to address any coverage issues.

Cost of Fibroid Treatment: Insurance and our Houston Fibroid Practice

Uterine-Fibroid-Treatment-for-African-American-Women in HoustonThankfully, our practice also works with a wide variety of insurers: from Medicare to HMO plans, we have one of the most comprehensive insurance offerings in the greater Houston area. This means that you will more-than-likely be covered when it comes to paying for UFE.

We know that fibroids take a toll on your life. That's why our doctors offer a less invasive treatment option. And a variety of ways to pay for the treatment itself. Don't let concerns about cost prevent you from treating your fibroid pain. Contact our office at (713) 575-3686 or click here to begin your insurance-covered journey to better health!







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