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Here's 4 Ways to Make Sex with Fibroids Easier

Posted on January 02, 2024

When you have fibroids, having sex can be painful. Fibroids, non-cancerous tumors, grow in and on the uterus. Because they can also grow within the uterine muscle wall or on its outer surface, you may worry that sex won't be safe anymore. Or that intimacy can make your symptoms worse.

Luckily, sex with fibroids, is completely safe. But like we mentioned, it may be painful. And that's not the only obstacle you may face. After all, women with fibroids may get bloated. Their periods may be longer and heavier. They may experience pelvic pain outside their period. And dealing with all of that can make sex seem unappealing.

In order to make sex more comfortable and connected, couples need to first be open to communicating together. The partner without fibroids has to be supportive and understanding. The woman dealing with fibroids should feel comfortable expressing her feelings.

And, once the lines of communication are open, try these tips to make sex with fibroids easier:

Improving Sex with Fibroids

Results after UFE
Developing fibroids can impact your sex drive.  Even before getting a uterine fibroid diagnosis, some women notice they're less interested in sex, and so they connect intimately far less often. As such, you may need to work on your drive and sexual desire, even before you address the pain that intercourse can cause if you're living with fibroids.

1. Focus on foreplay

Women with fibroids may be scared to have sex. They may have already experienced painful intercourse, or may be worried about what sex will feel like. Focusing on foreplay will give your partner time to relax, and will also ensure that her body is completely ready for intercourse. Both of those factors should help reduce or eliminate pain with penetration.

2.  Relax Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Sometimes, anxiety over painful sex can cause you to automatically clench your pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, this can contribute to painful sexual encounters. So, before getting intimate, try relaxing these muscles. It's easier than you think, and you can practice at any time. To begin, clench your anus, as if you were trying to avoid passing gas. Then, let it go, and feel the relaxation in the area. Trying this move before getting busy can help you reduce tension, and may relieve some pain, especially if you pick the right position.

3. Reposition yourself.

When dealing with fibroids, once-favorite sexual positions may now be too painful. Instead of getting frustrated, why not see this as an opportunity to explore? Move around in bed, trying out different positions. Hopefully, you’ll find one or more that doesn’t hurt the partner with fibroids. And, in the process, you may even spice up your bedroom routine!

4. Redefine intimacy.

Sexual penetration isn't the only road to intimacy. For some women, sex may too painful until her fibroids are treated. If that is the case for your partner, you can explore other ways of connecting as a couple. From date nights to alternate acts of intimacy, work together to find ways to stay connected.

Treating Uterine Fibroids to Regain Your Sex Life

One of the best ways to resolve painful sex due to uterine growths is to explore your fibroid treatment options. Here at our Houston area fibroid clinics, we offer a minimally invasive treatment option, Uterine Fibroid Embolization, that shrinks your fibroids without the need for surgery or an overnight stay. (You can request a consultation here, to see if UFE is right for you.)

After UFE, most women should avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week, although that recommendation will be made on a case by case basis. But once you've been cleared to resume sexual activity? Because of your treatment, sex shouldn't hurt anymore. And you don't have to take our word for that: according to a 2017 study, after just one year, almost 80% of women who opted for UFE saw a dramatic improvement in their sexual functioning.  So, if that sounds promising to you, don't wait another day to reclaim your sexual health. Click here to request an appointment with our network of Houston area fibroid specialists. Together, we can make sex with fibroids less painful.

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