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WCW: Erin Robinson's Fibroid Campaign

Posted on September 19, 2018

When Amazing Race and YouTube star Erin Robinson discovered her ongoing pain was being caused by 13 uterine fibroids, she knew she had to do something more than just get treatment for her condition: she had to take a stand for women's health. After all, in her role as an on-air hostess for YouTube's Clevver station, she and her team "produce 40 videos a week," she says. Of course, the content she pushes professionally is usually funny, offering people an escape from their problems, Robinson knew she had a platform to help people dealing with the same kind of fibroid pain. And she knew she had to use it!

Documenting Her Struggle Uterine Fibroids
Deciding to call her new video "It Gets Real," (see the video at the end of the post) Erin begins her story by telling viewers: "I was suffering for a really long time." From that moment of truth, she allowed the camera to follow her through the process of researching the best treatment for her condition. While she initially feared that she would lose her uterus to hysterectomy, Erin eventually found a doctor who treated her fibroids by shrinking them instead of removing the non-cancerous tumors.

For Erin, the treatment plan was life changing. As she explains, "I felt better than I've ever felt before. I think you live with pain for so long -- you self-medicate, you stretch, you workout, you do whatever you can -- you start forgetting what being normal feels like."

She decided to film her story (using an all female crew) and share it publicly for two reasons: to teach women about alternative fibroid treatments that avoid hysterectomies, and to remind women to see their doctors as soon as they start feeling unwell. At the time of her initial diagnosis, Erin explains, "I hadn't been to an OBGYN in four years. And we talk about that in the show. Whenever I tell people that, they either say, 'Wow, you should have really gone,' or 'I haven't been either.' I have friends who I tell this story to who have never been to a gynecologist. The more I talked about this, the more I found that women needed to hear this message."

Spread the Word on #FibroidFix
In our Houston fibroid practice, we also offer fibroid treatments that shrink tumors by cutting off their supply of blood and oxygen. So often, we are surprised to learn that our patients' ObGyn's didn't suggest this type of treatment; instead, like Erin, they had to research the option on their own. We stand with our #WCW Erin Robinson in believing that women have a right to know all their fibroid treatment options. So help us and Erin Robinson spread the word and let's get information about alternative fibroid treatments trending today!

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